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Go beyond “A is for Apple” with an alphabet book that builds character....... More

This colorful picture book shows toddlers the meaning of Boker Tov—which is “good morning” in Hebrew....... More

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The Hebrew words “Mah Rabu” come from this text: Psalms 104:24: Mah Rabu Maasecha Hashem Kulam Bechachmah Asita Malah Haaretz Kinyanecha – How great/many are Your deeds Hashem, All of them You have made with wisdom –the earth is full of Your creations....... More

Categories:  Chanukkah 
Tags:  Toddlers , board book , Rhyming 

Whimsical bunnies celebrate Hanukkah in this charming rhyming board book describing all the Hanukkah rituals beloved by Jewish kids. More

Not from the songwriter: Asher Yatsar is one the BEST blessings for our youngest Jews- but parents very often report that they’ve never heard of it....... More

Categories:  Simchat Torah , Study Torah 
Tags:  Toddlers , board book 

A cheerful boy and girl perform motions to represent parchment, ink, and feather quill, until -- at last -- a Torah scroll is ready! Colorful illustrations will captivate children's interest as they and their parents act out the rhyme over and over again....... More

Activity: Play Peek-A-Boo! Use your hands, scarves, anything you have handy… You can also use a parachute to play peek a boo and then use it for other activites....... More

This delightful retelling of the classic Bible tale features holographic foil on every page, so the pictures really sparkle and shine! Featuring specially crafted models and rhyming text, this book breathes new life into the story of Noah and his ark....... More

Categories:  Give (Tzedakah) 
Tags:  Counting , Rhyming 

Tzedakah, charity, is one of the cornerstones of Jewish practice....... More

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