About JewishLearningMatters.com
About JewishLearningMatters.com
About Us

Jewish Learning Matters is made possible due to the support of the Jack and Harriet Rosenfeld Foundation Program in Jewish Education at the University of Miami School of Education and Human Development. The project owes a debt of gratitude to its trustees, Dr. Jay Kaufman, and Lynn W. Fromberg, as well as to the leaders of the University of Miami School of Education and Human Development, headed by Dean Isaac Prilleltensky.

The Jack and Harriet Rosenfeld Foundation in Jewish Education identified a need for a single pluralistic, navigable database of quality education resources. As a result, JewishLearningMatters.com (JLM) was conceived and has become a major initiative of the Foundation. An innovative project that strengthens the scope, reach and depth of Jewish education, JLM is dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of a rising generation of Jewish students growing up in the digital age.

JLM is a dynamic, growing website supporting educators as they continually develop curricular materials and teaching strategies consistent with the skills and tools necessary for 21st-century learning. A new generation of learners will face challenges that necessitate an ability to work collaboratively, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, effective communication, and innovation. 

Our JLM website includes a searchable bank of peer-reviewed resources including: lesson plans, book units, songs, stories, projects, crafts, videos, and research-based strategies to extend and expand learning in Jewish thought, text, values, and history. JLM encourages and enables users to connect, collaborate, and contribute in a digital world.

With over 2,000 resources, JLM has already impacted over 60,000 educators in both academic and geographically diverse Jewish educational communities. While there are websites that support Jewish education, the following benefits are unique to JLM:.

  • JLM’s database and advanced search functionality allow educators to quickly access a variety of resources in Jewish values, holidays, Hebrew Bible, history, prayer, customs and traditions. .

  • Each resource is carefully evaluated for quality, accuracy, educational value, age appropriateness, focus, and ability to deliver education through a Jewish lens. 

  • JLM users can offer input to strengthen our resources, ask questions that guide them in implementing our resources, and are able to modify and adapt them for their specific needs.

  • JLM has forged relationships with nationally recognized organizations including: JTeach.org; PJ Library; G-dcast.com; ValuesandEthics.org; Jewish Women’s Archives; MyJewishLearning.com; Keshet; Jewish Partisans Educational Foundation; and LearningToGive.org and many more. Our database has become a central location for educators to access a wide variety of resources. We have actively reached out to other Jewish organizations around the country to cross-link, share content and enhance marketing opportunities. As we have grown and continue to develop relationships with Jewish organizations throughout the country, many of these organizations are reaching out to us and asking us to participate in our mission. As such, it is clear that JLM is building a strong and meaningful reputation in the Jewish educational community. .

The objectives of JewishLearningMatters.com are:

  • To enhance Jewish education by providing educators with a wealth of relevant, peer-reviewed, categorized curricular resources. 

  • To engage a collaborative community of digital users to share in the task of creating and using innovative materials. 

  • To support teacher growth and learning by providing professional development resources, connecting Jewish educators to each other and by facilitating productive collaboration opportunities.

  • To engage and inspire Jewish children in the remarkable legacy of Judaism, its contributions to all aspects of life, and its moral and ethical principles that have shaped the world.