Mezuzah by Sam Glaser
Mezuzah by Sam Glaser
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Words and Music by Sam Glaser ©2012 Glaser

Note from the songwriter:
It’s easy to take for granted that small scroll in every doorpost. I wrote this song to share my profound awe for the enduring power of this seemingly simple mitzvah (commandment.)

Passover in Egypt
Not a sound could be heard
At the stroke of midnight
God fulfilled His word

Blood on the doorpost
Soon parchment would replace
Making clear
This home’s a holy space

Mezuzah, mezuzah
I hear your silent call
Waiting patiently for the next time I reach for you

Mezuzah, mezuzah…

Armies of our enemies
Marching door to door
Knew the simple symbol
They were looking for

But unafraid and undeterred
We set that holy scroll
On the doorpost
We reveal our soul

I reach for you in times of joy
When my cup is full
When laughter fills my soul

I reach for you when I can’t go on
You give me hope, help me cope
When all my strength is gone

In every Jewish doorway
Suspended on a nail
The awesome words of Oneness
Sh’ma Yisrael

Letters etched so carefully
By a sofer’s holy hand
So we remember before Whom we stand

Mezuzah, mezuzah
Greets me on the wall
Protecting and connecting all the family

Mezuzah, mezuzah…