Everyone Can Make A Mezuzah
Everyone Can Make A Mezuzah
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The mezuzah is a sacred parchment inscribed by hand with two portions of Torah. It is stored in a protective case. While mezuzah cases come in many shapes and sizes, the parchment inside is always the same. 

We are commanded to hang a mezuzah: “... you shall inscribe them on the doorposts of your house and upon your gates” (Deuteronomy 6:9 and 11:20).The them refers to the instructions given by G-d that are also found in the first two paragraphs of the prayer, the Shema. 

The mezuzah should be attached to the upper third of the doorpost on the right side as one enters the house or room. Usually, if the doorpost is wide enough to permit, the mezuzah is tilted with the upper part slanting inward toward the house or room. A mezuzah is placed on every exterior doorframe or entrance to the house, as well as on doorframes or entrances into inside rooms, except for the bathroom. 
Before placing the mezuzah on the doorpost, a special blessing should be recited. Teach students this blessing:


Materials for Students:

  • 1 plastic glass 4” test tube (Plastic test tubes are available at florist supply stores. Glass test tubes can be purchased from a science catalogue or a medical supply store)  

  • White Crayola ® Model Magic® 

  • Assorted tubes of glitter

  • Puff paints Markers (optional) 

  • Self-adhesive Velcro tabs

1. Distribute one handful of “Model Magic” per student. Divide the “Model Magic” into thirds. Two thirds will be used for the body of the mezuzah. The remaining third is for decorations.

2. Shape the larger section into a rectangular form. The “Model Magic” must be a minimum of 1” longer and wider than the test tube.

3. Lie the test tube down and press it into the rectangular shape. The top of the test tube must be flush with the “Model Magic.” This insures that when affixing it to a doorframe, the mezuzah will lie flat.

4. After the test tube is in place, take your finger or the bottom of a marker and pull some of the “Model Magic” away from the open end of the test tube. You need this additional space to insert the claf (scroll). Turn the mezuzah over.

To decorate:
1. Make decorations with the remaining third of the “Model Magic.” It is easy to make snake-like shapes to form scrolls, stars, letters, or designs To adhere the decorations to your mezuzah, simply press the decoration in place. “Model Magic” instantly adheres to itself.

2. Decorate with puff paint. Add dots, lines, zigzags, and intricate details to create a beautiful ornate look. Let dry. (Tip: “Model Magic” never hardens to a rock-type finish. Once it is air dry, however, it cannot be remolded),

When dry, put the claf in. Adhere the two-sided, self-adhesive Velcro to the back of the mezuzah. Affix the mezuzah to your door frame as you say the bracha.

From Art Ties It All Together: Projects with Pizzazz for the Jewish Classroom (2000)
Used with permission by Marilyn Nachman and Carol Routman.