We Remember Them by Beth Schafer
We Remember Them by Beth Schafer
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English Words & Music by Beth A. Schafer  © 1999
Inspired by reading from Yizkor Service Shaarei T’shuva, CCAR Press; Rabbi Chaim Stern (z”l), editor.

There are days when we feel like something’s missing
There are days when our world is incomplete
when what’s light just isn’t bright enough,
What’s right just isn’t right enough
There are days, there are days.
There are times when our words don’t come out clearly
There are times when our dreams seem far away
There’s no one who knows us well enough,
no one who we can tell enough
There are times, there are times

With the rising of the sun, we remember them
And when the evening falls, we remember them
When we take an outstretched hand we remember them,
In our highest moments and deepest feelings
We remember them
May there memories be a blessing as we remember them

There were lives who marked this Earth forever
There were lives who indelibly touched ours
Whose presence lit the way for us, whose smile lit up a day for us
There were lives, there were lives
And there are ways to move forward from this moment
There are ways to take that journey home
To fill the void inside of us, when darkness seems to hide in us
There are ways, there are ways

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