Family Tree by Craig Taubman
Family Tree by Craig Taubman
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words and music by Craig Taubman,


I kindly beg your indulgence
As I read from my family tree
It's a story that's constantly growing
And it starts long before I was me

It begins way back in the beginning
With my forefathers numbering three
There was Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
And I'm proud to be their progeny

They were joined by the matriarchs Sarah
Rebecca, Rachel and Le-ah
It's a family tree that I'm proud of
And it traces how I came to be-a

L'dor vador - in every generation
L'dor vador - in every location
L'dor vador - we have an obligation
To creation to make a donation
L'dor vador

Well thousands of years have since flown by
And my family sort of lost touch
And except for the those previously mentioned
We don't seem to remember too much

I know that my Zayde and Bubbe
They were born in a small Russian Shtetl
My Bubbe she worked as a Bubbe
And my Zayde he worked as a peddle -"er"

So they packed up their bags for this country
Known as the United States
And they dreamed of the Golden Medeena
And they dreamed that good luck would await

It was somewhere over the rainbow
It was somewhere over the sea
That my Zayde and Bubbe had mommy
And my mommy and daddy had me

What I learned from my Bubbe and Zayde
From my mommy and daddy too
Is a lesson I'm teaching my children
It's a lesson that's both old and new

I've learned this fact about history
That all people are somehow connected
We all need to care for each other
All people they must be respected