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Chanukah songs and stories to help you celebrate- share with your students, stream during a Hanukkah party, or send the link to the families in your community- with 36 good options, every one can find a clip that they enjoy! ....... More

This incredible clip delivers a lot of content very quickly- prompt students to identify something they can bring home to share with their families....... More

Journalist puppets take a tour of a real life Matzah factory to explain the process, from Chabad....... More

An activity from Facing History and Ourselves: "What does it mean to be a third-generation descendant of Holocaust survivors? By viewing the short film “B-2247” and answering the following connections questions, students will consider this and other questions regarding obligation, memory, and family that are raised by this story of a granddaughter’s relationship with her family’s past....... More

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Shalom Sesame present a simply, slightly silly rendition of the Story of Abraham and Sarah receiving three visitors found in Genesis 18....... More

Genesis23:1-25:18 Parshat Chayei Sara relates the story of Abraham’s purchase of the Cave of The Patriarchs (Ma’arat Hamachpela) in Hebron....... More

Leviticus: 16:1-18:30 If Nadav and Avihu, two of Aaron's sons, were killed for incorrectly approaching God, what chance do the rest of us have to do it right? Jana Jett Loeb delves into the need for a patient engagement with those we love — and how that's better than bringing fire of our own....... More

In this week's video, Rabbi Fohrman picks up on last years Tazria and Metzora videos, which connected the metzora purification process with the korban pesach....... More

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