Webinar: Meet the Author: The Spirituality of Welcoming with Dr. Ron Wolfson (from NATE)
Webinar: Meet the Author: The Spirituality of Welcoming with Dr. Ron Wolfson (from NATE)
grades:  Adult 

A webinar by the National Association of Temple Educators (NATE), a professional organization of Jewish educators in the Reform community.

Dr. Ron Wolfson presents the implications in Jewish educational settings related to his book "The Spirituality of Welcoming." While his book was written specifically to an audience of synagogue communities, his ideas and techniques have useful implications in a variet of Jewish environments.

NATE Meet the Author Webinar: The Spirituality of Welcoming with Dr. Ron Wolfson from NATE on Vimeo.

This book's description:
 A practical guide for envisioning—and transforming—your synagogue into a powerful new congregation of welcoming, learning and healing.

“The new synagogue we envision is a spiritual center for all those who set foot inside it. It is a kehillah kedoshah, a sacred community, where relationships are paramount, where worship is engaging, where everyone is learning, where repair of the world is a moral imperative, where healing is offered, where personal and institutional transformation are embraced.The times are ripe for this spiritual call.” —from the Introduction
So often we want our congregations to be more—more compelling, more member-focused, more spiritual and yet more useful for our daily lives. Through reflection, examples, tips and exercises—and incorporating the fruits of Synagogue 2000 (now Synagogue 3000), a groundbreaking decade-long program investigating the challenges facing modern synagogues—this inspiring handbook both establishes a sound foundation for why a deep hospitality is crucial for the survival of today’s spiritual communities, and dives into the practical hands-on how of turning your congregation into a place of invitation and openness that includes:

  • Prayer that is engaging, uplifting and spiritually moving 

  • Institutional deepening that is possible because of an openness to change 

  • Study that engages adults and families, as well as children 

  • Good deeds—the work of social justice—as a commitment of each and every member 

  • An ambience of welcome that creates a culture of warmth and outreach 

  • Healing that offers comfort and support at times of illness and loss 

  • ... and much more.