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For The Educator, a note from the songwriter: Or Chadash comes from the morning prayers, right before Ahava Rabah....... More

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Music and Lyrics by Naomi Less and Glenn Grossman, www....... More

Named a "Best Spiritual Book of 2003" by Spirituality & Health magazine! A lesson in hope and faith―and learning that there are some things in life beyond our control―for every child who has worried about what comes next....... More

An elderly black grandmother passes on the story of the family’s Jewish origins to her young granddaughter, Carol Olivia....... More

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Music/Hebrew & English lyrics: Noam Katz, www....... More

CHORDS Lyrics: Ani ma’amin b’emunah shlema Ani ma’aminah b’emunah shlema Verse 1: I believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining I believe in love, even when there’s no one there I believe in G-d even when He is silent I believe, I believe, with perfect faith (TO CHORUS) Verse 2: I believe through any trial, there’s always a way but sometimes in this suffering, and hopeless despair My heart cries for shelter to know someone’s there but a voice rises in me saying, “Hold on my child, I’ll give you strength, I’ll give you hope, just stay a little while....... More

Take your children on a colorful adventure to share the many ways Jewish people celebrate Shabbat around the world....... More

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GRADE LEVEL: 1-4 The true story of two young boys, from seemingly very different background, who rise above their own personal suffering to become great civil rights leaders....... More

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