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Jewish Identity 
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Categories:  Build Community 

A thematic exploration of the Jewish people in terms of a shared past and a shared future....... More

The value of l’dor v’dor – from generation to generation – links our history with that of the past and the future....... More

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grades:  Adult 

Jewish identity is not solely shaped and founded on religion, but is significantly influenced by the diversity of customs and practices found amongst various Jewish communities, as well as by assimilation into the modern world....... More

"Always remember you are the son of two proud nations,” Elan’s parents tell him when he turns 13....... More

The European Jewish experience typically is understood to have begun during the 11th century during the Middle Ages....... More

Video and learning materials from PBS Learning Media: "In this video from the PBS series The Story of the Jews, Felix Mendelssohn’s emergence as a major composer is placed in the framework of the era of Romantic Nationalism that launched the 19th century in Europe....... More

God is Everywhere
Lesson Plans
Categories:  God In Judaism 
Tags:  Jewish Identity 
grades:  Middle School (6-8) 

We are often told that God can be found everywhere, but how do we really know? In this session, students will explore modern understandings of God and holiness that may help us better understand where God can be present in our lives. More

Categories:  Be Content  , Educator Resources 
Tags:  ELITalks , feelings 
grades:  Adult 

Jews are often see ourselves as neurotic, cynical, and even tragic....... More

Categories:  Category Overview 
grades:  Adult 

Jewish history includes the narrative of the Jewish people from the Biblical period, until today....... More

In ninety-four words and thirty-plus photos, I Love Jewish Faces turns the image of the Yiddishe punim (Jewish face) on its head....... More

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