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Text: Reb Meir, Talmud Brachot 17a Lyrics: CHORUS: 100 blessings Every Day In 24 hours 100 reasons to say Baruch Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melech HaOlam We’ll say blessings upon waking, eyes open, getting dressed Going to the bathroom, giving me my breath We’ll say blessings saying thank you for giving us everything we need Make 100 blessings each day, a blessed life you will lead CHORUS We’ll say blessings when we do Mitzvot God commands For wisdom that God grants us to deal with life’s demands We’ll say blessings learning Torah, the lessons make us strong Say thanks to God for giving us the words that make this song CHORUS When we’ve said 100 blessings, it has been a blessed day I’ll say the Sh’ma, its time for bed, gratefully I lay We’ll make more blessings tomorrow, open my eyes and start again And when you make a blessing I like then I’ll say “Amen!” CHORUS....... More

Note from the Songwriter: “Oh when the Jews! Go wash their hands!” This was the song shouted by every camper at Shabbat meals as we danced over to the sinks before ha-motzei....... More

Shabbat, Mitzvot, Act with Loving Kindness, Work/Industriousness Access resource guide here:Bim and Bom: A Shabbat Tale This resource is created by the PJ Library at the PJ Library Educator s Center....... More

Bim, a builder, and her brother Bom, a baker, work hard all week, and then spend every Friday doing good deeds, mitzvot. At sundown, they joyfully meet to celebrate Shabbat together. More

B’nei is the plural form of the words “Bar” and “Bat”....... More

Clay Mezuzah
Projects & Crafts

Materials: Several copies of theMezuzah Step-by-Step handout Squares of parchment paper (at least 8” wide) Oven-bake polymer clay, like Sculpey* 1 dowel per 10 students, 3/8” diameter, cut into 2....... More

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The mitzvah of ba’al tashchit–the commandment not to destroy or waste items from the natural world--is one of the most commonly mentioned mitzvot in contemporary Jewish social action circles....... More

CHORDS Lyrics: Elohai, Elohai Nitzor lishoni mayrah REPEAT Usfatai midaber merma My G-d, My G0d Guard my tongue from evil REPEAT and my lips from deceitful speech....... More

Note from the Songwriter: A feather, candle, and a spoon....... More

We are taught that each of us are created B’tzelem Elohim, in the image of God....... More

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