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Charlottesville and Beyond
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This information is created by and presented with permission from ADL-Anti Defamation League....... More

These resource, designed by the ADL- Anti Defamation League,ishighly relevant and significant in terms of events impacting us in today's world....... More

An 11 year old's online plea to stop bullying inspired Israeli president to join him to fight for a kinder, more respectful world....... More

This guide for connection and discussion is provided through a collaborative relationship with www....... More

Categories:  Act With Loving Kindness 
Tags:  Racism 
grades:  Middle School (6-8) 

Jeffrey Lionel "Maniac" Magee might have lived a normal life if a freak accident hadn't made him an orphan....... More

This lesson from Tolerance.org is a creation of Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  More

The racial and ethinic makeup of America is changing, and with it the face of the American Jewish community; are our communal institutions equipped to deal with this change? In a powerful and personal talk, Ilana Kaufman makes the case for counting - and accounting for - all the Jewish people....... More

From the ADL- Anti Defamation League: On April 21, 2017, a Florida state senator resigned his office because of a controversy that involved him using slurs in the presence of two other lawmakers, specifically using racial slurs for Black people, derogatory language about women and engaging in other vulgar language....... More

Nine-year-old Joey Sexton, living in the Bronx in 1947, is orphaned after the death of his mother....... More

From the ADL- Anti Defamation League: Two recent studies published by the American Psychological Association (APA) about perceptions and race led to these headlines: “We Think Black Men are Bigger than White Men (Even When they're Not)” and “Black Boys Are Perceived as Older and Less Innocent than Their White Peers....... More

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