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Rosh Hashanah is here and it's the beginning of a new year....... More

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A well-illustrated chapter book that affirms the values of family, tradition, and continuity. The sounding of the shofar during the High Holidays is an important part of the plot More

Dollar Store Shofar Craft
Projects & Crafts

A terrific craft from the Bible Belt Balabusta: "Cheap, quick and irresistible to honk: the Party Horn Shofar....... More

This song, a parody of "Get Lucky" by AISH details and demonstrates the importance setting goals and one's self reflection that can be inspired by the sound of the shofar in the beginning of the Jewish year....... More

Ready for a battle waged via shofar? After the Midianites took over, the Israelites turned back to G-d....... More

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Composed by Sam Glaser ©2002 Glaser Musicworks www....... More

By comparing a child's birthday celebration to the symbols and customs of Rosh Hashanah -- a birthday cake with apples dipped in honey, party horns with the shofar, etc. -- little ones are introduced to the happy celebrations of the Jewish New Year. More

Here is the world, ever changing and new, Spinning with joy at the wonder of you! Spinning with joy at the wonder of you! Here Is the World is a joyous celebration of the Jewish holidays throughout the year for young children....... More

A simple guide to teach the sounds of the shofar and how to make them.


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