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Tower of Babel 
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Where do children play tower games with tower pieces, wear tower hats and eat tower cakes? In the city of Babel, of course! There, the people are building a tower that will reach up to the heavens....... More

Dan Nichols and Mason Cooper © 1996www....... More

Before there was anything, there was God, and a few angels, and a huge swirling glob of rocks and water with no place to go....... More

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From our friends at Aleph Beta: In the video for Parshat Lech Lecha (Genesis 12:1-17:27), David and Immanuel ask - why is it that, though God keeps reassuring Abraham that this land is his, he refuses to settle down? God just promised him the land - why wouldn't he mark his territory? To answer this, we are reminded that the stories of Abraham occur in a larger context - and specifically, right after the catastrophe of the Tower of Babel - and we can answer the question: what is it about Abraham that really makes him special, and the father of our nation? Dig Deeper: More on Lech Lecha More on Abraham Teacher’s Guide Outline Aleph Beta seeks to help people get to the heart of what Torah is all about....... More

The Tower of Babel is a small but powerful story about people who shared a language and city and how they were dispersed throughout the world with separate languages and cultures....... More

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When all the people in the world spoke one language, life was convenient but boring....... More

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