Protect My Body by Miss Emily
Protect My Body by Miss Emily
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“Protect My Body” by “Miss” Emily Aronoff Teck
Track # 5 from Good Choices, Volume 1

Inspiration Text:
“For in the image of G-d, did G-d make humankind.” -Genesis 9:6
“When injury is likely, one should not rely on a miracle.” -Babylonian Talmud, Kiddushin 39b

“Protect My Body” Activity:
Before introducing this tune, ask students to create a list of the ways they protect their bodies, and then compare their ideas to the ideas included in the lyrics of the song.
Find the beat and move your body! Invite students to create gestures that match the chorus’s lyrics and encourage children to move in a variety of ways to the beat of the song for each verse. For example, clap the beat on the first verse, march to it on the second, and do jumping jacks on the third. Invite children to think of new ways to exercise their bodies each time you share the song. Also, share this music video of the song:


I protect my body, I’m telling you the truth
I protect my body, in Hebrew, sh’mirat ha-guf
I eat and drink and bath and brush to keep my body right
I exercise and choose good foods and sleep every night, to keep my body right

My body is amazing, it is one of G-d’s creations
With bones and muscles and skin to feel all the world’s sensations
I am thankful every day for the body G-d gave me
So, I will show respect and love, keeping it healthy, keeping it healthy!


I’ll listen to my body, I’ve got to stop and think and feel
Sometimes my body tells me what it needs to grow or heal
I’ll keep my body busy and make my body strong
I’ll stretch and move and dance for fun, remembering this song, remembering this song!


So, since I want to be happy and spend time with my family
We’ll all make choices that will keep us healthy
Protecting our bodies is like a gift we keep on giving
We enjoy our time together, sharing healthy living, sharing healthy living!

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