Painting A Beautiful World by Lisa Baydush with Shir Synergy
Painting A Beautiful World by Lisa Baydush with Shir Synergy

You will need:
1. Paint brushes for each child  
2. Ribbon
3. Glue Cut ribbons into 12” strips. You’ll need three ribbons for each brush. Staple the three ribbons together at the bottom so that the ribbons fan out. With a flat edge (I used a screwdriver), separate the bristles of the paintbrush in the middle. Squirt glue at the base of the separated bristles and insert the stapled ribbons. Let the brushes dry for several hours before using.

Let the children pick a paintbrush from your MAGIC PAINT CAN. They love to swish the brush in the air as they imagine what they are painting. This song has application as a creation song, a tikkun olam song, and a color song. Sing it as written, or modify it to suit your needs. I often omit the choruses in the middle when singing with preschoolers, and I also let the children choose what they’re going to paint, be it a blue sky or a blue dinosaur! Be creative and have fun!

I’m gonna paint a beautiful world, do you wanna paint with me? I’m gonna paint a beautiful world, c’mon and paint it with me! Blue paint, Blue paint, gonna paint a blue, blue sky (2x)
White paint, white paint, gonna paint white fluffy clouds (2x)
Ohhh… (chorus)

Yellow paint, yellow paint, gonna paint a shining sun (2x)
Green paint, green paint, gonna paint the green, green grass (2x)
Ohhh… (chorus)

Orange paint, orange paint, gonna paint lots of pretty flowers (2x)
Red paint, red paint, gonna paint a red balloon (2x)

Ending Chorus:
We just painted a beautiful world for everybody to see,
We just painted a beautiful world, thanks for painting with me!

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