It Is Me by Miss Emily
It Is Me by Miss Emily
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“It Is Me” by “Miss” Emily Aronoff Teck
Track # 2 from Good Choices, Volume 1

Inspiration Text:
“Creator of light and darkness, who makes peace and fashions all things. In mercy, You illuminate the world and those who live upon it. In Your goodness, You daily renew creation. How numerous are Your works, G-d! In wisdom, You formed them all, filling the Earth with Your creatures.” -Yotser Or, Liturgy

“It Is Me” Activity:
Collect images of beautiful things in nature by bringing a camera outside and looking very carefully at your natural environment. Alternatively, search for images on the internet and save or print the students’ favorites. Create an art gallery of nature’s beauty in your classroom, and make frequent updates and additions to reflect the students’ interests or the seasons.

Create a log for each student to keep in the classroom and add to the log each time the student does something kind for the environment.

I’ve got a family who takes care of me.
They like and they love me and keep me healthy.
If I need help, I ask and they’ll give me a hand.
And sometimes I wonder who does this for the land .

It is me! It is me!
I help keep nature safe and healthy.
It is me! It is me!
I can care for the flowers and trees.
I can protect the skies and the seas.
I love all of creation, will keep us healthy … It is me.

Look around the world and you will see
Many different types of nature’s beauty.
Mountains and oceans, G-d’s work is grand.
So, let’s protect this world, for it we will stand.


For the people, plants, and animals that share the Earth,
We all need clean air and water from the time of our birth.
We all need a safe place to grow and be strong.
We’ll all reduce, reuse, recycle and remember this song.


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