Webinar: Hanukkah- Ignite and Inspire (from JWA)
Webinar: Hanukkah- Ignite and Inspire (from JWA)
grades:  Adult 

An amazing resource from the Jewish Women's Archive that explores meaningful extensions and additions to the Hanukkah story we know and teach:

"This program provides a new take on Hanukkah that goes beyond the Maccabees and lighting the candles. We explore what it means to be a hero by learning about Jewish heroines like Judith, Clara Lemlich, and Judy Frieze Wright. JWA's Education Program Manager, Etta King, models resources and activities that you can immediately use in your educational settings so you can celebrate in a new way this year. To view more resources and to download materials from the session, visit: http://jwa.org/teach/profdev/webinars/hanukkah2013