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Music: Dan Nichols © 2009www....... More

Music by Dan Nichols, Lyrics based on Yotser Or© 2007 Dan Nichols www....... More

In this week's video, the second of a series about Joseph and his interpretation of Pharaoh's dream, Rabbi Fohrman begins to explore the textual connections between the story of Pharaoh's dream and the story of 13 years earlier, as Joseph is sold into slavery....... More

In this week's parsha, Rabbi Fohrman unravels a fascinating chiasm in the heart of the book of Genesis - there is a perfect mirror between when Jacob runs away from his brother to when he reunites with his brother....... More

In this week's parsha, an emissary of God changes Jacob's name to Israel - what is the deeper meaning of this change? To understand this, Rabbi Fohrman brings us back to Jacob's original naming and compares the fascinating parallels between the two stories....... More

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