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Mi Chamocha 
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The Hebrew words “Mah Rabu” come from this text: Psalms 104:24: Mah Rabu Maasecha Hashem Kulam Bechachmah Asita Malah Haaretz Kinyanecha – How great/many are Your deeds Hashem, All of them You have made with wisdom –the earth is full of Your creations....... More

Text:(Exodus 15:11 and 15:18) Background: Miriam’s Song by the great Debbie Friedman, may her memory be a blessing, is a favorite tune of many adult participants, especially those that experienced camp or youth group worship experiences that share the tune....... More

English words & music: Noam Katz, www....... More

Lyrics: Sing, dance, jump and shout, play your tambourine; Sing, dance, jump and shout, be glad we’re free! (repeat) Miriam led the way joyously, Follow Miriam, be glad we’re free! (chorus) Mi Chamocha ba-eylim Adonai, Sing a song of praise, ev’ry girl and boy! (chorus)....... More

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